We provide site-specific OSHA-Compliant programs, training, and consulting.

OSHA is a federal agency that enforces occupational safety and health regulations. Businesses that have workplace hazards or the potential for occupational injuries and illnesses are required to conform with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

EDMC Safety & Health is a consulting firm dedicated to providing OSHA assistance to workplaces of all types and sizes. We provide:

  • Site-specific OSHA-written programs
  • On-site OSHA employee training
  • Mock OSHA safety inspections and audits 
  • OSHA compliance guidance
  • Assistance and representation in the event of an OSHA investigation

EDMC Safety & Health’s mission is to assist workplaces in establishing and maintaining a safer, healthier, and OSHA-compliant workplace. Protect your most valuable resources with our occupational safety, health, and risk management expertise. Rely on our years of experience and qualified technical safety expertise to ensure your employees are educated and trained on mandatory OSHA requirements.

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OSHA-compliant programs, training, and consulting