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Workplace Sanitation During and After COVID-19

During this unprecedented time, the team at EDMC Safety & Health is committed to your safety and health needs and concerns. Regardless of your operational status, we feel it is essential to emphasize the importance of workplace sanitation. Furthermore, COVID-19 has assured us that workplace and marketplace sanitation is and will remain a major concern for both employees and consumers.

In wake of COVID-19, handwashing and surface sanitation are the two primary concerns pertaining to workplace sanitation. With that said, workplace surfaces may easily become contaminated with a simple cough or sneeze. At EDMC Safety & Health, we believe frequent and proper handwashing is always the best practice. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), studies suggest that COVID-19 may persist on surfaces for a few hours, up to several days. Furthermore, this is dependent on the type of surface, temperature, and humidity in the environment. Therefore, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces such as: counter tops, desktops, doorknobs, light switches, mobile devices, etc., is and must remain a top priority.

Check out these FREE workplace sanitation resources:

Click the following link for Poster 1 – When to Wash Your Hands – This poster outlines when hands should be washed. Post this in all breakrooms and time clock locations. 

Click the following link for Poster 2 – Handwashing – This poster outlines the steps to properly wash your hands. Post this in all customer and employee bathrooms, breakrooms, and timeclock locations.

In closing, the heightened concern of workplace sanitation may result in a high fear component regarding an individual’s sense of personal health and safety. Consequently, these individuals may feel more prompted to call OSHA if they do not feel their health is being prioritized during this outbreak.

To help facilitate your workplace sanitation efforts, we have developed an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Training Program. The primary purpose of this training program is to provide assistance for the establishment of a site-specific plan for your organization. During this time of social distancing, EDMC Safety & Health is offering this training via interactive video conference.

Remember: Proactive Safety Beats Reactive Safety

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