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Ensure Electrical Safety in the Workplace

In the workplace, electrical panels present various hazards. During an OSHA inspection, electrical panels are an easy target as they are often located in the open and are out-of-compliance. Ensure electrical safety in the workplace by avoiding these common OSHA violations.

Obstruction and Accessibility Issues ­­–– Electrical panels must be considered readily accessible without the use of portable ladders, stools, or chairs; you should be able to reach the panels without obstacles.

  • The clearance space in front of the electrical panel must be the width of the equipment or 30 inches wide, whichever is greater. Additionally, the clearance depth needs to be at least three feet from the panel.
  • The workspace must permit a 90-degree opening of the hinged panel door. It is critical that the electrical panel area is not used for permanent equipment or temporary storage locations.
  • Electrical panel covers must remain unlocked to ensure sufficient access in the event of an emergency.

Uncovered Knockout Holes –– Recently removed wire or breaker knockouts can be an easy hazard. To ensure that no employee, outside vendor, or customer is exposed to live electrical components, unused openings should be closed effectively. To properly close an opening, use a filler plate or knockout plug. Due to various breaker sizes, you need to make sure the filler plate closes the opening entirely.

Individual Breakers Not Properly Identified –– Each breaker within the electrical panel must be legibly marked to indicate its purpose. Accurately labeling individual breakers enhances the safety process for maintenance personnel and outside vendors.

Panel Cover Missing or Not Properly Attached ­­–– Often times, electrical panel covers become detached. In most instances, the cover goes missing or the panel is not reattached properly. It is crucial that the electrical panels are properly covered to avoid potential hazards.

The team at EDMC Safety & Health encourage you to inspect your electrical panels and ensure compliance with the above guidelines. To receive more details about electrical safety compliance or learn how we can help you ensure safety and health in the workplace, contact us.

Remember: Proactive Safety Beats Reactive Safety

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