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Emergency Action Plan: Your Best Defense

Emergency Action Plan

An Emergency Action Plan prepares a business to respond effectively to possible emergencies that may occur in the workplace. The purpose of this plan is to inform and instruct employees on what to do during workplace emergencies. The key component to a successful Emergency Action Plan? Employee training.

Proper employee training ensures that all employees understand their roles and responsibilities and what actions need to be taken. Emergency situations most commonly include: fire emergencies, weather emergencies, medical emergencies, workplace violence, robbery, and active shooter situations.

At EDMC Safety & Health, our goal is to prepare your workplace for these emergency situations in accordance with OSHA. Our service focuses on establishing the following:

  • Site Specific Written Plan
  • Site Maps––Exits, Fire Extinguisher Locations, First Aid Kits
  • Employee Training
  • Mock Evacuation Drills

Our Emergency Action Plan service addresses the following essential questions:

  • How do employees get notified of an emergency?
  • Who is trained and designated to use a fire extinguisher?
  • In the event of a fire, where is the exterior gathering place?
  • Who is responsible for notifying and assisting customers?
  • What do employees do in the event of a robbery?
  • What do employees do in the event of a verbal or physical altercation?
  • Who is trained on CPR or AED?
  • Is anyone properly trained on first-aid response? 
  • What do employees do in the event of an active shooter situation? 
  • Who is responsible for taking a head count?

If your business does not know the answers to these questions, it is time to seek help from EDMC Safety & Health. If you are interested in establishing an Emergency Action Plan or enhancing your current plan, contact our team today.


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