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Your Guide to OSHA’s Eye and Face Protection

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, approximately 20,000 eye and face injuries occur every year in the workplace. In fact, the majority of these injuries occur from not wearing the proper eye and face protection.

Common activities where eye and face hazards may be present include:

  • Chipping
  • Grinding
  • Sanding
  • Sawing
  • Hand and Power Tool Use
  • Chemical Use
  • Welding

OSHA regulation states that employers should ensure each affected employee uses appropriate eye or face protection. Employees should also wear proper protection when exposed to the following:

Procedural Considerations for Customers During COVID-19

Now more than ever, the safety and health of your customers and employees should be top priority. This pandemic may weigh heavily on the minds of your stakeholders, ultimately affecting their experience at your business. To maintain a COVID-19-free workplace and keep your business moving forward, explore these procedural considerations:  

  • Post a notice at all customer entrances expressing your ongoing efforts to sanitize the workplace.
  • If there are mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements for customers, clearly and specifically state at all entrances.
  • Keep the main entry door a hands-free entrance. Place signs on all other entry doors directing… Continue reading

Workplace Sanitation During and After COVID-19

During this unprecedented time, the team at EDMC Safety & Health is committed to your safety and health needs and concerns. Regardless of your operational status, we feel it is essential to emphasize the importance of workplace sanitation. Furthermore, COVID-19 has assured us that workplace and marketplace sanitation is and will remain a major concern for both employees and consumers.

In wake of COVID-19, handwashing and surface sanitation are the two primary concerns pertaining to workplace sanitation. With that said, workplace surfaces may easily become contaminated with a simple cough or sneeze. At EDMC Safety &… Continue reading

A COVID-19 Free Workplace: Procedural Considerations for Employees

It’s time to think about procedural considerations in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace. When the stop-work order is lifted, employees will be anticipating going back to their previous work routines. However, the reality is, the potential spread of COVID-19 will likely remain on everyone’s mind. Employees will be dependent on you to provide a virus-free workplace.

According to OSHA, the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is by avoiding contact with infected individuals. This is uniquely challenging as signs and symptoms may not appear for up to 14 days. Additionally, some people are… Continue reading

Handwashing Guide: A CDC-Approved Method for You and Your Workplace

At EDMC Safety & Health, we understand that the world is facing an unprecedented public health emergency as the novel COVID-19 continues to permeate communities near and far. It is our goal to ensure that your workplace is actively taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety and health of both your customers and employees. Handwashing throughout the day is always important, but especially during a global pandemic. Proper handwashing remains one of the most important steps towards preventing the spread of COVID-19. It is common sense, but it works if it is done properly. 

Make sure to wash… Continue reading