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Emergency Action Plan: Your Best Defense

Emergency Action Plan

An Emergency Action Plan prepares a business to respond effectively to possible emergencies that may occur in the workplace. The purpose of this plan is to inform and instruct employees on what to do during workplace emergencies. The key component to a successful Emergency Action Plan? Employee training.

Proper employee training ensures that all employees understand their roles and responsibilities and what actions need to be taken. Emergency situations most commonly include: fire emergencies, weather emergencies, medical emergencies, workplace violence, robbery, and active shooter situations.

At EDMC Safety & Health, our goal is to prepare your… Continue reading

Compliance Walk-Through: Are You OSHA Compliant?

As a business owner, you may be subjected to common workplace safety hazards. EDMC Safety & Health provides compliance walk-through inspections that bring to your attention workplace hazards and could save your business from costly OSHA violations. 

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for their employees. Our job is to ensure that you are proactively meeting these standards to mitigate workplace hazards thus minimizing your exposure for an OSHA inspection.

During our on-site inspection, our experts will assess the most common workplace violations at your workplace. Following the inspection, EDMC Safety & Health provides… Continue reading

Safety Committee Training: Ensure Safety Today

Did you know, in Pennsylvania, you can receive 5% off your workers’ compensation premium with a certified safety committee at your business? Save money and improve your workplace conditions with certified training under PennSafe regulations from EDMC Safety & Health. Our in-service training will provide your business with the necessary criteria and measures to create an effective safety committee.

As required for your Safety Committee Certification, our training focuses on:
  • Hazard Detection and Inspection
  • Incident Investigation and Prevention
  • Safety Committee Operation

We know and understand the importance of a well-trained safety committee and recognize how valuable they can be… Continue reading

We Are Your Expert Workplace Safety Consultants

OSHA has rules and regulations in place that employers are required to follow. For over 25 years, EDMC Safety & Health has offered a variety of safety training and compliance services to companies in the Western Pennsylvania area and surrounding regions to help keep them running effectively. Our team specializes in helping businesses recognize these workplace requirements by establishing a plan to ensure safety, health, and well-being in your workplace.

As your partner in safety and health compliance, we have the knowledge and skillset to assist you in understanding OSHA’s rules and regulations. Additionally, we have the experience to help… Continue reading

Ensure Electrical Safety in the Workplace

In the workplace, electrical panels present various hazards. During an OSHA inspection, electrical panels are an easy target as they are often located in the open and are out-of-compliance. Ensure electrical safety in the workplace by avoiding these common OSHA violations.

Obstruction and Accessibility Issues ­­–– Electrical panels must be considered readily accessible without the use of portable ladders, stools, or chairs; you should be able to reach the panels without obstacles.

  • The clearance space in front of the electrical panel must be the width of the equipment or 30… Continue reading
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